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A font aligned with the axial tilt of the Earth launches a new font that “subtly embraces” the 23.5-degree axial tilt of the Earth. Because details matter.

It’s fascinating when a company invests in the creation of a proprietary font for use across their communication. Both the investment (it ain’t cheap) and the commitment (five years minimum) are considerable, and typically the press releases announcing them are like a puff pastry of hyperbole.

The new font for (“Booking Sans”), a joint effort between Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and Colophon, goes a little extra though:

Booking Sans - Example

Amazing and audacious: what a great story to match the brand promise of “Planet Earth’s # 1 accommodation site”. But what the blargh is axial tilt? A Google Images search will tell you everything, but, essentially, the Earth rests to the side, not straight up and down. Our axial tilt is why we have seasons:

Axial tilt of earth

That’s totally science and everything, but the font in discussion is a normal sans and not angled, or italicized, in any way. Where is the “subtle embrace”? As a start, here are the same words with a 23.5-degree grid laid over:

Booking Sans - Grid

The proportions and geometry of the font follows standard bold sans best practices. There’s nothing obnoxious. The fun is in the detail:

Booking Sans - Highlight

It’s not a loud thing, but the nuance here is fantastic and the subplot to the broader visual identity helps bring to life the story. More examples over on It’s Nice That.

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