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A Return With Color

In a return without much brilliance, graphicpush is back online with a fresh design, some new ideas, and a bag of excuses. More is coming, so stay tuned.

It’s been awhile. A lot of professionals advise bloggers to give the readers a warning when you plan on closing the shop for a bit, which I did about a zillion years ago, but I just didn’t think I would be missing in action this long. While my readership numbers have never been big, those who do read the site are faithful, and I feel terrible for pulling a Keyser Söze for the past few months.

Contrary to the rumors in the tabloids, I have not been sipping mojitos by the beach. In an effort to thoroughly bore you by way of weak excuses, here are some of the things I have been hammering away on while this site took a backseat:

  • First, the redesign of the site. It’s patchy now, and somewhat in a state of flux, but it’s getting there. I’m a big fan of the color scheme and some of the fresh design elements, and I’ll leave it at that. Not sure what’s up with the bird.
  • Writing. A lot of it. One of the projects has come to fruition. If you are at all interested in Textpattern, you need this book. Everyone on the writing team is much smarter than me, so it’s bound to enlighten you on some aspect of the system. Heck I learn something new every time I open it.
  • Writing. Even more of it. Pounding away at my book on corporate web design, which is due late summer-ish-ish. There is a preliminary description and pre-ordering availability up on Amazon, if you care about that sort of thing.
  • The day job is a lot of work, but fun. Usually. I try not to let that work spill over into off-hours, but when four to five of my eight daily hours are spent in meetings, work tends to get bottlenecked.
  • Went to Forrester’s Marketing Forum, which was sweet. Have been doing a lot of work and research into general technology analysts lately, which is always a mixed bag of quality. Since my company works with all of them, I have access to their research papers.
  • Occasional freelance work. Worked with an author to launch his new site. Currently working with a few non-profits to bring their new sites online as well. (Textpattern, by the way, is seriously the greatest CMS ever for small- to mid-size sites — it just cannot be beat for simplicity and speed of development. That and clients love its elegance.)

So anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff coming along, and I have some sweet posts in the queue. Stay tuned.

commentary + criticism


wrote the following on Thursday June 14, 2007

The new site is a sexy bitch. Welcome back, dude.


wrote the following on Wednesday June 20, 2007

I love this site and it’s new look.

I agree with your statement on Textpattern. The speed at which I can get things done in TXP beats EE any day. I think of TXP being like Fireworks, it’s elegant, flexible and you’ll be surprised how far you can take it.

Just thought I’d warn you that some of the code samples in your articles are showing as black text making them very hard to see on the dark blue background. Like in you’re article on if_different

James Thomas

wrote the following on Tuesday July 10, 2007

Welcome back, Kevin. I’ve been reading your site for years now…

Anyways, the design looks great. I also preordered your book. I don’t use textpattern, but I did buy the new paperback book you have coming out.

Now you just have to post regularly! :)