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A Small Bit of Ego

Reporting from the hallowed grounds of Shawnee, Kansas comes a disparate dispatch of self-promotion and a few new website launches. And by the way — is anyone else busy with freelance work?

It’s been quiet around here lately, so I’m going to take just a few minutes to catch everyone up on the happenings out here in Shawnee, Kansas, home to the stars and playground for the rich and famous.

First, and perhaps most notable for the general populace, I was interviewed for an article on business web design on, which is now no longer on the homepage, but still in their archive. The genesis of the interview was my research on the Inc 500 websites, which was conducted for use in the book, but appeared here in a simplified version. Anyway the article is fairly short, and they quoted me accurately (I think). I figure I can use the same formula for success with Fortune.

I’ve also been incredibly busy with freelance stuff lately. Doing some contracted Textpattern development, as well as redesigning and developing the corporate sites for Pivot International and Illes Seasonings and Flavors. As an uninteresting anecdote, the former website was a two-month process, from initial contact to launch; the latter website, for various benevolent reasons, took two and a half years from contact to launch.

Has anyone else been crazy busy with freelance work? I’m not sure if its a result of the refreshed design, or just coincidental timing, but since the launch of the new version of my business website, the number of inquiries for work has skyrocketed — many of them from local businesses. Just wondering if I’m lucky or if other people are seeing an upswing.

That’s it. More soon.

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wrote the following on Thursday November 29, 2007

The new business website looks sexy.


wrote the following on Thursday November 29, 2007

Congrats on the interview! I’ve been seeing a small upswing myself, for me I think it has to do with the mad dash for people to launch projects before the holidays.


wrote the following on Wednesday January 16, 2008

Business page looks great. I really like websites designed in optimistic colours, specially green:) Your all projects look really interesting and professional (I spent over an hour checking them). You certainly know how to prepare well-designed website. Good luck and keep working.

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wrote the following on Thursday February 7, 2008

your business site looks really good. refreshing I think, not overloaded, maybe that’s what your customers feel.