Thoughts on branding, design, writing and life by Kevin Potts. Established 2003.

About Kevin

Kevin Potts (me) is a long-standing member of the world internet building community. I started wrangling HTML in 1996 using Netscape Navigator Gold Edition and some primitive text editor on Windows 95. Trained as a fine artist, then a graphic designer, then as a new media expert, my professional journey has seen the launch of too many websites to remember.

Freelance work happens for a few clients around the US. I also work full-time as a brand guy for Lexmark, which means lots of messaging architectures, presentation narratives, website design, logo wrangling, color arguments, and more. Past flame-outs are also interesting. I once tried to launch an app, but failed. I once interviewed for a job in Silicon Valley and was never called back. I wrote a few zines in high school but they never made it past issue 3. I once turned down a dream job.

My current obsession is trying to navigate the landscape of content strategy, accessibility, design, and where those points intersect. The meaning of words and the parsing of semantics is paramount; translation and localization are keenly interesting; assistive technology as well; the crushing burden of social media as society’s great new opiate even more so. Astronomy, the future, culture subversion fill in some of the cracks. Design is the flavor, but writing is the substance.

Family is fun. I’m called dad by two little ones (6 and 8) and one big one (18). I’ve got pretty much the best wife in the world who counterbalances me in all the right ways. We used to live in Kansas; we now live in Pennsylvania. I root for whatever team is playing against the Patriots.

Graphicpush started as a complicated online magazine in 2003. It had columns, features, polls, and more. Since then, it has been stripped down further and further, both in design and scope, until its current distillation, which is one degree above absolute zero in structure: articles, in one column, on a white page.

I live in other places on the internet. Specifically: Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.