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An Article Pair

There’s two new articles out on the web this week: “Better Invoices for Better Business” (published by A List Apart) and “Why Your Client Cares About Web Standards” (published on graphicPUSH).

It always interests me how I handle my “free” time. I spend my day in front of a big 20” LCD designing in-house marketing materials—brochures, PowerPoint, icons and a sizable website. I wake up two hours before I go to work specifically to get stuff done. I stay up several hours after dinner to get more stuff done. But it’s a constant two step forward, one step back thing—just as I scratch one thing off the list, in squeeze five more as the door to my schedule is left open just a second. This is a fairly consistent survey of my daily work activities:

  • Freelance design
  • Working on my active sites
  • Self-promotional design
  • Writing articles

What’s interesting is that out of those items, my favorite is writing. Maybe because I live in Photoshop and InDesign all day at work, but I love sitting down and putting words to paper/screen. And not even creative writing, mind you, but really boring business and technology articles that would send most people straight into a catatonic state.

That being said, I have two really boring new articles making their way onto the web this week:

  • Better Invoices for Better Business. This one is published by A List Apart and concerns best practices for invoicing clients. Not too exciting, but for freelancers or those running small design shops, it’s a pretty good read.
  • Why Your Client Cares About Web Standards. This is a critical look at the business value of web standards, and how to translate the technical jargon into what the client needs to hear. I consider this far more important than the first one, and applicable to every web developer. Pass this one along.

The guys over at ALA did a super job on their new CMS, so please post any comments on the first article there. Since my “CMS” is a half-assed, spam-harvesting installation of Movable Type, I have no comments on articles. Please express your basking commendations in this news item, or message me directly. I get a lot of e-mail, so don’t be shy. Most are selling me Ci@i|s or scantily clad women, so it’s nice to find an actual, real-life comment from a reader.

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Jim Amos

wrote the following on Thursday December 30, 2004

Well now, this is much, much better than any of my own attempts at expressing the business value of web standards. Well done indeed. I suspect much linking to this article in the coming weeks/months. You’re correct on all accounts. Thanks!