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Wherein I propose a replacement for the term “blogosphere.” Hint: see title.

Few things irk me more than neu speak. When I pick up a company brochure that uses “leverage” and “synergy” in the first sentence, I vomit in my mouth. When I read an article about “man dates” from the New York Times, my head explodes. When I see the term “blogosphere,” I just look out the window and wait for the rolling field of fire that signals the Great Apocalypse.

OK. We have neu speak and people that actually use the shit in everyday life. I can live with “leverage.” I can almost accept “synergy.” “Man date,” however, has to be thrown into a bottomless pit of boiling acid with man-eating robotic shark demons along with its nefarious, soul-sucking inventor.

But “blogosphere.” It’s interesting, kind of catchy, has meaning. It’s also brain-meltingly stupid, but most people seem OK with that.

I propose a small change. Instead of “sphere,” lets append the word “dome” instead. Blogodome. Still catchy, has meaning, but is slightly less insulting to the intelligence. It’s the new synergy.

I hear the skeptics grumbling. OK. Think about the classic film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The blog collective, in my mind, is closer to a steel caged dome of swinging, screaming heathens than the pretty green-grass blue-sky visual of “sphere.” Plus Mel Gibson getting pummeled by a guy on bungee cords. There’s a reason they didn’t call it Thundersphere.

Also, biodomes are cooler than biospheres because they are man-made constructs of artificial environments instead of some silly organic thing that has stuff like fog and horse flies. AND they made a movie about them with Pauly Shore. Nuff said.

This is the greatest blog post ever.

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The Co-worker

wrote the following on Thursday July 28, 2005

This is a tribute to the greatest and best blog post ever.

Stephen Collins

wrote the following on Thursday July 28, 2005

Tina Turner loves this post.


wrote the following on Friday July 29, 2005

Oh yeah she does. We don’t mess around here in Barter Town.