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Booked for HOW

My flight and hotels to Chicago are booked, and my registration is complete. We’re off to the HOW Design Conference in June.

Classes are picked. Registration is paid. Flights, hotels and accomodations are booked. We’re going to HOW, baby.

Although I’ve never been to Chicago, everyone is telling me it’s a great town and that summer is the best time to go—which is good news since we’ll be arriving early June. I’ve been led to believe some decent hotdogs and pizza can be scored not far from our hotel, and Michigan Avenue is supposed to be pretty sweet for wide-eyed tourists like myself.

Our small in-house group (three designers) is going, generously paid for by our company. Although we have also gone to other conferences, I think this purely design-centric convention will alleviate the stress of coming away with technical know-how and instead be a looser playground for inspiration. Which, when you’re doing corporate brochures all day, can be a Good Thing.

Although its still pretty far off, I do intend to meet up with several online personalities while I’m there, so if you’re going—or if you live in Chicago—drop me a line.