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Business as Usual?

Things are busy around here, and that’s the best excuse for no proper post this week. How’s business for the graphicPUSH readership?

Lately, business has been crazy. Freelance work is rolling in at a steady pace, and I’ve found myself getting further and further behind. With a full-time design job eating 45 hours of my time every week, freelance work is delegated to just a few hours at night and occasionally on weekends. I try to give every client project its proper due, but that often means late nights.

I apologize for not writing a proper post this week, but I have a few in the queue that I think people will dig. In no particular order:

  • Using Custom Fields as Triggers in Textpattern
  • Creating Perfect Triangles in Illustrator (a brief tutorial)
  • Tips for Your Online Portfolio
  • Writing Press Releases for Your Design Business

And speaking of work, my company is currently looking for a full time interactive designer for our in-house team. If you drink the ActionScript Kool-Aid and love yourself some HTML/CSS for breakfast, then check out the job posting. If interested, contact either our HR team (link on the job page) or myself.

So how’s the workload for you guys? Swamped? Running low? Ready to call it quits and do something else?


commentary + criticism

David W.

wrote the following on Friday March 17, 2006

“Lately, business has been crazy.”

Don’t I KNOW IT! I wonder if this is a nationwide phenomenon or if it’s just us web guys in the KC area that are seeing a boom, but I’ve had to turn down a few projects lately, and that’s the first time I’ve had to do that. I’ve been amazingly busy!

Granted, 50 hours of last week was spent resurrecting my computer from the dead after a power outage slapped my hard drive, but I still did 60 hours of client work. (Yes, I had a 110 hour week!)

Crazy? Yep. Absolutely insane!

Mayhem Studios

wrote the following on Friday March 17, 2006

Business is OK here but could always use a few extra clients. I am print designer but can get away with html sites. Print design is more my thing but lately all I have been getting are web projects.

Where are all you people with print projects at? Haha

The Co-Worker

wrote the following on Friday March 17, 2006

I wish that business was booming, but I don’t really promote, so I guess that’s my fault. I don’t exactly have oodles of time either. But I guess I could be like you and just stay up as late as possible.

Chris Kavinsky

wrote the following on Friday March 17, 2006

I’m in the same boat as you, Kevin…working a full time job and doing freelance when I can. I picked up eight new clients since the beginning of the year and its not letting up at all. Its better than sitting around with nothing to do, but it does get exhausting. Being at sxsw helped recharge me a bit.

Looing forward to your post ideas, especially the one on writing news releases.

Glen C.

wrote the following on Saturday March 18, 2006

Rather looking forward to the portfolio tips post.

Henrik Eklund

wrote the following on Sunday March 19, 2006

Uhmmm, things are the same with my business – full time job, 2 small children and so on – puhhh. I’m about to take the big leap to working fulltime with my own business, so that’s feels fine…

How about you Kevin? Are you considering taking the big leap for yourself?

Cold, cold greeting from Sweden


wrote the following on Sunday March 19, 2006

At one point I did work for myself fulltime. While I made OK money, I was severely inexperienced and made a lot of classic mistakes young design businesses commit—namely, not charging enough. I even wrote an article about it.

At this point, I wouldn’t make the jump unless I could double my salary. There are things like consistency and healthcare benefits that make a fulltime job hard to let go.