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Career Transition

After more than a decade with the same company, I’ve made the leap into one of the biggest companies in the world.

This month I made a Significant Career Change. After 12+ years with the same company (Perceptive Software seven years before their acquisition and Lexmark five more years after the acquisition), I stepped away and accepted a position with Oracle working inside their Brand Creative team as a brand director.

While leading and rebranding a $4b, Fortune 1000 brand was fascinating, the opportunity to influence a $39b, Fortune 100 brand, ranked by Forbes as the 17th most valuable in the world, was too tasty to pass up.

The experience has not disappointed.

In the first few weeks, I’ve written key messaging, advised on global campaigns, dove into the deep end of Oracle’s oceanic product portfolio, and learned how to use Apple Mail without punting my laptop into a dumpster fire. The position is a savory blend of writing, positioning, content strategy, traditional marketing, and so much more; every day is mental crossfit as I get to flex all kinds of creative muscles.

The transition was bittersweet. 12 years is, after all, a long time.

My adventure with Lexmark arced over many peak career years. I worked hard and learned hard stuff. Branding at the global scale. Building teams across geographic and political lines. Gaining the confidence of the C suite. Submitting expense reports through SAP. And as a frequent visitor to Lexington, I cultivated a delicious interest in the merits and nuance of bourbon and rye whiskey.

All of that experience will stay with me until I bail out of the tech sector completely and open my fish taco stand in Barbados. And even then I’ll still have the bourbon.

So here’s to closing old chapters and opening new adventures. I’m all in.

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