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Catching Up With My Brain

A few random thoughts not big enough for full posts but still noteworthy. In order: Midwest weather, Tony Kornheiser, new logo, onboarding, tagging, and comments on older posts. Have fun.

OK, while I work on some longer and more thoughtful posts, here are a couple of random thoughts that have crossed my brain in recent weeks.

Midwest Weather

The one thing I love about Kansas is the weather. Love, love, love it. Summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and blissfully light on the white crap. The best thing about summer? The monstrous, booming, cataclysmic thunderstorms, which are less “weather events” (can you believe weathermen actually use that term?) and more “acts of God.” There’s nothing like feeling the earth vibrate when it’s not even thundering.

Tony Kornheiser is an Embarrassment

I know some people like his writing, but his commentary on MNF is an absolute embarrassment to the league and the game. His comments are insipid, obvious, and cringe-worthy; what he tries to pass as “funny” or “interesting” is anything but.

Think about this: The majority of NFL players have off Monday night, and my guess is that more than a few spend their evenings laid out in a recliner with some Cheetos and a beer watching MNF, since it’s the only football they actually see on a network. All of those players, every week, are listening to the vacuous, idiotic ramblings of a squat stiff that drives several million people toward launching their shoe into the TV every time he bleats his obtuse torpidity.

Pomposity of Modern Business Vernacular

If you think I’m using an unnecessarily complex lexicon in this post, consider these two slabs of dead weight currently in vogue amongst business folk:

New Logo

“New logo” is used by people to refer to a new account — a company with whom they are now doing business. Instead of treating the new account with any dignity (oh, I don’t know, maybe by referring to them as a client or a customer), they are instead dismissed like a notch on the bedpost of a corporate Ron Jeremy.


“Onboarding” is a term invented by HR executives to refer to the process of bringing a new employee up to speed with the company’s policies, training, etc. While it’s a creative verbing of an otherwise dry prepositional phrase, it is in fact as idiotic and utterly unnecessary as “deplaning” and further evidence the apocalypse will be here some time around next Thursday.

I wish I knew of these when I was writing my chapter in WDAMSFBW about the classics like “enterprise” and “leverage” and “utilize.” Ah well. That’s what second editions are for.

Updates on This Site

This is a little late in announcing, but I’m doing it anyway because I never talk about the technology driving this site. And plus I’m awesome.

I’ve shifted the organization of posts away from categories and toward traditional tagging, which I find much more liberating. The archive provides browsing by category list and tag cloud, but each tag is also searchable independently, which means you can unearth some similar posts. Full tag support is provided by the unbelievably awesome plugin tru_tags.

Also of note, commenting on articles will now close after a few weeks. The spam is out of control. I hate it, and this solves the problem in one absolute, decisive chop. Sorry for those who stumble upon material late.

More soon. Or later. Whatever.

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commentary + criticism


wrote the following on Wednesday November 7, 2007

New Logo.

Never heard it. I have a boss who uses terms like granular, top-of-mind and other inane marketing-speak.

So annoying. I miss making fun of sales people.

Jeff Adams

wrote the following on Wednesday November 7, 2007

I hear “New Logo” all the time and company meetings. How about always referring to us, the company employees, as “resources”. Like, “I need to assign some resources to this project”. I’m a person dangit!


wrote the following on Thursday November 8, 2007

Jeff, the whole concept of Human Resources is definitely demeaning.

And Kevin, I forgot to comment on Midwest weather. Fall is my favorite time of year!