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Sacred Consumer Golf

The time between client work has been filled with a select mix of personal projects spanning a wide range of topics. Music, car-buying advice and golf technology have all been on the brain lately.

This is just a post to broadcast some recent project developments. It is a purely self-indulgent catch-up with some work I’m doing on non-client related work. Since all of these are in development, I would love any feedback.

Sacred Dub

This is my new baby, and has been occupying most of my time. If you’re a fan of contemporary dub and ambient music — and especially the work of Bill Laswell — it’s probably worth a look and a bookmark. Built with Textpattern, it attempts to build an easily navigable discography of Laswell’s work, which is comprised of over 600 individual items.

My goal in the design was trying to produce a fan site with current web technology — database-driven backend, RSS feeds, a podcast, etc. Something that gives back to its visitors, so that other Laswell fans (and they are out there) can take something away from the site. It’s still in its infancy, but is being updated every single day.

Consumer Friendly

Believe it or not, this is not a client site. I have been working on bringing honest, consumer-friendly advice to the masses because there is just so much noise out there and crappy, “Adsense sites” full of bullshit articles.

Right now our automotive section is up and running, and we feel we set ourselves apart with two key features:

  • Totally free safety and mileage reports for thousands of vehicles. These reports (hopefully) help people make more educated decisions.
  • Our network of local dealers that offer free quotes. These quotes are supposed to arrive in about a day. So far we’ve received extremely positive feedback for this particular feature.

As you can imagine, this site is a lot of work, but we’re plugging ahead. It’s a tough market to crack because there’s a natural fear of scammy sites when it comes to auto information. I also wanted to showcase CF because it’s lo-fi by design and is a case study of why simple sometimes works better.

Golf Technology Magazine

This is another site I am really thrilled about. I am working with my partner — who is an avid golfer and all-around golf fanatic — on creating a space for well-written golf technology articles and product reviews. I can’t say too much yet because the site is in very intense development, except that it’s going to be totally kick-ass when it’s done. Feel free to join the mailing list to receive the official “go live” announcement coming this summer. For hardcore golf aficionados, GTM is going to be a must-read.

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wrote the following on Friday June 2, 2006

Speaking of bullshit articles: I first started reading your site when a post was linked to on Stylegala. That was right around the time I realized that almost everything posted on Stylegala is worthless, uninteresting, and trend-serving.

Sacred Dub definitely does look like a fan site. I love the GTM logo.


wrote the following on Friday June 2, 2006

Great start with the Consumer Friendly site. I agree that a simple design is better served in a time of noise and scams. I commend you for getting objective information out there.

I love the Golf Tech logo. Can’t wait for the site to start.

Good luck.