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Some New Favorite TXP Plug-Ins

In recent Textpattern development, I’ve been using some classy plug-ins from different developers. Some are new, some are old, but they all rock hard.

I have been working on several Textpattern sites recently, and have discovered some good plug-ins to help me extend the functionality of the CMS.

In combing through various sites, I’ve found my one major beef with the TXP community is the lack of centralized information about these plug-ins. Textpattern Resources has quite a few, but most are buried in the forum. Plug-in authors, please add an entry to when you make your announcement on the forum.

Some quickies:

Google Sitemap Plug-In

Sencer has created an admin extension called asy_sitemap that enables you to generate a sitemap for Google. The process is dead simple, and once you set up your Google account, hooking the plug-in’s outputted file is easy and helps the spider crawl your content more efficiently.

Navigation Generation Plug-In

Christophe Beyls has developed a brilliant little plug-in called cbs_navigation_menu that generates navigation from your site’s sections. Advantages over creating this manually? The code reads your TXP-defined URL structure (clean or messy) for output, so it will produce or It also provides an “active” class for the current section for easy styling. It’s not fancy, but it’s rock solid and shaves a few minutes off development time.

RSS Feed Parsing Plug-In

I waited awhile for feed parsing capability in a plug-in, and about three different versions popped up within a few months. My favorite is bit_rss from Bit Santos, which uses SimplePie to parse feeds and output them as articles. It’s ultra-customizable and produces perfect XHTML from a form.

RSS Feeds for Comments

A minor quibble many developers have is the lack of comment feeds in TXP. Quibble no more. ajw_comments_feed by Andrew Waer solves this problem in one quick package. (It’s what powers the comment feeds on graphicPUSH.)

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commentary + criticism


wrote the following on Friday August 18, 2006

I agree that we should encourage people to actively update the Textpattern Resources. Finding some gems in forum thread could be a daunting task for beginners.

And please, mark some plugins that had been incorporated into Txp core. I forget which, but I did spot one or two plugins like that.

Anyway nice picks you have there.
But for comment plugin, I find nhn_livecommentpreview is quite indispensable.


wrote the following on Friday August 18, 2006

rdt_section_menu will do something similar thing to cbs_navigation_menu. However, recently I discovered txp:section_list can now* take the attributes active_class=” ” as well as a several other potentially useful attributres such as exclude=” ” and sections=” ”, obviating the need for a plug-in (exclude will exclude named sections but allow the menu to extend on its own as you add new sections, sections will show only those you include as a comma-separated list).

*Note: I could not find these new attributes in the reference above, so perhaps that’s only in the forthcoming 4.0.4 release.


wrote the following on Wednesday August 23, 2006

Thanx fpr the plugins, very helpfull !

Christophe Beyls

wrote the following on Friday September 15, 2006

Thank you for this positive note about my plugin :)
Just a little note: I’ve changed the download links, so you have to change your direct download link for cbs_navigation_menu.

Markus Merz

wrote the following on Sunday December 31, 2006

asy_wondertag or (asy_wondertags?) – nest tags in tags. I did not use it yet but there are loads of possible usages. A wonderful and pretty magic newcomer!

rss_admin_db_manager – A must! Manual TXP backups from the admin GUI. If you don’t have access to cron jobs or just want to save the current database before making any changes.

rss_auto_excerpt – A great and flexible tool to create individual excerpts (even if an excerpt exists)

tru_tags – Create internally linked tag lists and clouds from keywords (also for your RSS feeds -> needs >= 4.0.4). You can have rel=tag or rel=no-follow. I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

asy_jpcache – Create static cache pages. Works like a charme.

Last not least the XML-RPC supplement package direct from which allows to send articles directly to Textpattern from an external blog editor. I am using it with the latest version of the Java RSS reader Blog Bridge (very recommended!) to send drafts directly from the RSS reader.

... search forum


wrote the following on Wednesday January 3, 2007

Congratulations, great stuff. Liked it.