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Fun With Spam

Are spammers hoping one day I’ll search my e-mail archives for “small purple slopy tv” and discover this message?

Like everyone else, I have lots of e-mail addresses, and most of them aggregate a fair amount of spam. My one host has an incredibly efficient spam filter through which nothing gets through; my other host is an open door with a neon “Welcome!” sign for whatever the Nigerian watchsellers with ci@|is want to send me.

Occasionally I get one that makes me laugh. Seriously, did someone write this or is it some crappy keyword generation script? Are these words people actually use in their queries? (Because “stupid” and “slopy” are in there a disconcerting number of times.)

<html><font color=”#ffffff”> Mine soft expensive shining glove calculates. His brothers well-crafted mobile phone stares. Her daughters purple fancy expensive picture stinks and perhaps any given well-crafted forg show its value while her daughters white soda looks around. Her daughters shining house sleeps and perhaps any given beautiful soft hairy bed looks around. Her daughters soft paper looks around. The expensive kitchen got an idea. Our children smart ram smiles while his brothers well-crafted red mp3 player walks and mine white stupid balloon sleeps. A given round sofa calculates.Her expensive dog adheres and still our children soft door lies. His brothers slopy house fidgeting. Mine purple house falls. Our red sofa run or the round-shaped computer calms-down or a slopy smart bra falls while our small smart recycle bin smiles. Any given noisy boat calculates. A given red ram makes sound. His brothers white boots snores. Any purple shining forg got an idea as soon as our slopy bed smiles or maybe their purple spoon snores at the place that his white soda stinks. Any given stupid glove is on fire as soon as his beautiful sony falls. His brothers hairy glove lies. Her daughters small purple slopy tv stinks. Her white house smells. Our bluish glasses fidgeting and perhaps our children stupid balloon calms-down. Any odd shaped beautiful door makes sound. Our well-crafted sony stands-still. Her daughters green expensive stupid expensive car calculates as soon as any given silver tall underwares is angry. His brothers round-shaped hairy cat snores. His brothers round-shaped paper run. Her daughters round door prepare for fight. Her daughters smart white balloon stinks. Her daughters noisy stupid ipaq stands-still. Mine soft hairy round exam book arrives. A soft tv sleeps. A given slopy forg stares. The hairy glasses stands-still at the place that mine beautiful book calculates. </font color=”#ffffff”></html>

Is the hidden keyword text for clients like Gmail who push advertising based on the content of the e-mail? Or are spammers hoping one day I’ll search my e-mail archives for “small purple slopy tv” and discover this message?

Sometimes I honestly wish I understood the reasoning behind spammers.

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wrote the following on Friday January 14, 2005

Somebody once argued that Spammers send out spam that obviously decreases their hit rate in the hope that the overall hit rate of the Spam industry will go up:

The argument is that this “fake spam” will saturate Spam filters in the long run, so thateventually, more spam will get through the filters.

Weird, yes.


wrote the following on Friday January 14, 2005

Actually, I found the article. It was on Seth Godin’s Blog :

The Selfless Spammer


wrote the following on Friday January 14, 2005

Could be simple markov chains

I guess either to let it masqurade as a legit email(spam filters see proper text, even if it is meaningless), or, as jr said, to degenerate spam filters.


wrote the following on Saturday January 15, 2005

Wow. That’s some pretty intense stuff, and alarming that there are those in the spam industry who are absolutely intent on dragging the whole concept of “e-mail” into an early grave.