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Further Opera Evangelism

A few interesting updates concerning Opera.

I know I have been going on about Opera’s new Version 7.5 lately, but the release has been generating a lot of excitement within the community and I thought I would share a few more things.

Update: Version 7.51

I’m not sure how I missed it, but Opera released a slightly tweaked version May 11, 2004. Version 7.51 (changelog) has a few stability improvements and bug fixes, but it’s primarily a security-driven release. The release covers all platforms and is a recommended update. (A short article at the Register offers a few more details.)

W3-dev Menu

Since Opera is my browser of choice, I often find myself testing development work in it. While the browser does provide an easy way to validate any active window (simply hit Ctrl+Alt+V), validating CSS and Section 508 is still a hassle.

That is, until now. A fellow named Toby Inkster decided to compile all the W3C-and-beyond links into a convenient button that sits in the Opera toolbar. The W3-dev Menu provides immediate access to multiple standards-based resources. Everything from different validation flavors and browser homepage links to great development resources for accessibility, usability and markup are included. (See a screenshot.) My new favorite toy.

The Forums

A lot of non-Opera users often complain that their sites break in Opera, even when they use standards-based markup (XHTML+CSS). Occasionally, I have run into these same problems, and I usually find myself at the Opera Forums, where they have a section for web design and development. Discussions are lively and informative, and often go beyond Opera-specific topics. A bookmark-worthy resource.

So, that’s it for the Opera posts, I promise. I feel like a sideshow announcer at a circus, yelling on my soapbox to get people to come into the tent to see “The Most Amazing Thing Ever.” Except I’m not quite so sleazy, and this is just the best browser ever.

commentary + criticism


wrote the following on Thursday December 30, 2004

nice find – I now have a w3-dev menu :)

You could get sleezy and make the opera logo the background images of your site :p


wrote the following on Thursday December 30, 2004

I’ve copied some of the W3-dev menu bookmarklets and added them to my right-click menu, which is brilliant :)


wrote the following on Thursday December 30, 2004

I have been using the W3-dev menu for a few months now and it’s great. Very handy.

On Toby Inkster’s site you’ll also find a “Stylesheet” button (scroll down) that lets you view the stylesheet of any given site simply by clicking said button. Also very handy.

Bruno Figueiredo

wrote the following on Thursday December 30, 2004

Have you ever tried Firefox with the Web Developer toolbar? It’s much more feature rich than this menu for Opera.