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InDesign Update

A few highlights of the incremental update to InDesign and InCopy released today.

Adobe has released an incremental update to InDesign and InCopy today, and will bring your software version to 3.0.1 if running CS. The update is available directly from the program through Help > Updates. Although their site has little information about the release, a readme in PDF format was distributed. A few highlights:

  • Tinted grayscale Illustrator CS objects paste into InDesign CS with 100% black fill on Windows.
  • Parts of text can become hidden when opening a document if the minimum value is set equal to the desired value for Word Spacing or Letter Spacing in the Justification dialog box.
  • Hyperlinks to other pages within a book are broken after exporting the document to PDF from InDesign CS.
  • Edges of images are jagged on output when the images overlap, are not rotated, have differing resolutions and use transparency.
  • Info palette information does not refresh for newly selected objects if a graphic was selected while choosing Hide Options and then collapsing the palette.

Some people are already complaining that the update does not enable backward compatibility. I don’t know how else to say this, but I highly doubt CS will ever be fully compatible with ID2, because the versions are too different. At best, there might be some middle-ground hack similar to how ID imports Quark 4 docs, but the transition will never be flawless.

So to those still complaining that they can’t or won’t upgrade to CS for lack of this feature, you’re SOL. Either move on or wallow in your older version, because the technology is not going to move backward for you. In a few years you’ll bear an uncanny resemblance to the poor souls still using Quark 4 on MacOS 8.6 because—gasp—the OSX version doesn’t save down to version 4.