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Kottke Goes Solo

Jason Kottke opts to fly solo. In a PBS-style fundraiser, he is asking for viewer support.

Jason Kottke has quit his day job and, like John Gruber, is attempting to blog full time. While I unleashed on Gruber last time, I’m just gonna let this one pan out and see how it goes. I know is immensely popular (as is Daring Fireball), but Jason is doing two critical things differently—no exclusive content for subscribers and no advertising. This is much more of a PBS-style fundraiser, which I like more since all content (seven years’ worth) will remain open to the public. In his own words:

Quitting my job to run full-time is possibly the dumbest economic decision I’ve ever made in my life.

So open your wallets. Jason updates his site damn near every day and his Remainder links are not to be beat.

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John Y.

wrote the following on Wednesday February 23, 2005

Interestingly, I’m a paid “member” of Daring Fireball but have no interest in paying Kottke—he got dropped off my RSS feed months ago. No accounting for taste, I guess.