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Kraft Heinz has no choice but to have a terrible logo

Kraft and Heinz complete their merger, and the resulting logo crushes together two heritage marks in a highly unsophisticated manner.

It’s not quite like merging Facebook and Google, but the Kraft and Heinz merger is a $46 capital-B billion big deal that now comprises the fifth largest food company in the world and represents 13 well-known food brands. The press release has more hyperbole if you’re interested.

The new logo, however, is inevitably unfortunate:

Kraft Heinz Logo

Crushing logostogether without muchthought looksterrible, but we all know it was literally the only solution. Imagine the creative brief:

You know those two logos we have? Put them together. No, don’t modify anything to make it fit better except just cut off the “t” but keep the colors and also try not to make it look any more awkward than is already inevitable. Oh, and we need it this afternoon.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it lacks any originality or creativity. From a brand management standpoint, it’s total and crass corruption of heritage icons. But from a design standpoint, one of solving an actual problem, it’s wildly successful: this signals, with blunt-force clarity, two brands merging. This logo sucks, but it could not look any other way.

PS — As a friendly reminder, there are really only ten companies that control everything you buy:

10 companies make everything you buy

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T Kolm

wrote the following on Wednesday August 5, 2015

Thanks for pointing this out. Interesting.