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Let's Talk Football

OK, so the Chiefs are showing improvement and Philadelphia is taking a season off. The road to the SuperBowl will be similar to last year but with dramatically different results.

This is going to be a short post since this NFL season is becoming a large disappointment as a Chiefs and Eagles fan.

First, the Chiefs. The defense is really starting to shape up. After really choking the Dolphins and keeping Tomlinson to only 69 yards, Kansas City might rank nicely in defense at the end of the year. With only one defensive disaster against Denver (who is almost unstoppable at this point), I have high hopes for the second half of the season as all the rest of the division games happen in Arrowhead.

The offense, as always, is extremely hot/cold. Trent Green shows moments of brilliance (second half of San Diego game he picked up almost 300 yards passing), Gonzales is largely ignored, Priest can’t seem to get his mojo back and Larry Johnson can’t perform in clutch situations. (Seriously, Larry, when you’re on the three yard line, get the ball in the end zone. No excuses.)

There’s no reason the Chiefs can’t win every game in the rest of the season. They host the toughest teams (Denver, Cincinnati and New England) and the only road games that might hold them up are Dallas and New York. While Denver will easily claim the AFC West title, the Chiefs should be able to stay ahead of San Diego for a smooth second. Maybe a wildcard contender?

This season is particularly interesting with the two toughest divisions—AFC West and NFC East—playing each other.

For years the Eagles have dominated the NFC, but they have zero chance of getting to that championship game again. Their offense is running out of steam and their defense just can’t maintain consistency. Who cares if you hold LT for seven yards when Denver scores 49 points on you?

Suddenly, the league is changing. New England no longer dominates. Washington has a winning record again. Chicago is picking up momentum (three wins in a row) and Seattle is finally getting their due as they dominate the NFC West.

Cincinnati has a great record but they’re playing shit teams. The Colts and Denver own the AFC. The playoffs are going to be very similar to last year—Denver, the Colts, New England and Pittsburgh will all vie for the AFC title, but the Colts will have homefield advantage and kick the crap out of any team that comes into their dome.

The NFC is seeing a bigger shakeup. The Giants will own the East. Seattle will stay on top of the West and Chicago should stay on top of the North with their whup-ass defense and crappy competition (they already own the season series against Detroit). The wildcard is the South where three teams have a 5-2 record and any could maintain a strong winning record. My feeling is Tampa Bay’s weak offense will come back to haunt them as will Atlanta’s swiss-cheese defense. Carolina, with the magic-maker Steve Smith, is the best bet.

Picks for the SuperBowl? Hard to say at this point, but I’m looking at the Colts and the Giants, which will be a fascinating game to see which Manning brother comes out on top. Denver and Carolina might be able to pull off division miracles and go all the way, but I doubt it.

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The Co-worker

wrote the following on Tuesday November 1, 2005

Colts/Giants would certainly be an interesting matchup…one that I’m sure that the media are already drooling over…I don’t see little Manning getting that far into the playoffs though. Carolina is probably a little safer bet for the crappy NFC. Seriously…the NFC is terrible. The AFC has probably the top 5 or 6 teams in the league and likely about 8 out of the top 10.

We shall see. I love the NFL.

Chris K

wrote the following on Wednesday November 2, 2005

I agree with the Colts winning the AFC, but I see the Seahawks finally making it. It seems like every other NFC has some major deficiency somewhere. I would normally consider this year a big disappointment with the Browns still sucking. The only thing that’s keeping me interested is playing fantasy football for the first time in a couple of years.