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Linkage Worth Clicking

A list of some of my favorite sites, including a selection of forums and article sites.

Of course, what is the point of writing a pseudo blog/news site if I can’t do a little blogrolling every now and again. Since this site attracts a wide cast of characters, from web designers to print designers, from freelancers to cubicle-dwelling artists, common resource sites for a particular demographic might slip by unnoticed by our brethren in other fields.

My favorite forums (most of which I actively participate in):

[H]ard|Forum | This site is mainly geared for techheads, programmers, gamers and overclockers, but they have an active “webmastering” section that commonly deals with CSS, browser nonsense and various languages from C to PHP.

Tutorial Forums | Largely populated by a younger, Photoshop-reliant crowd, but fun nonetheless, it’s a highly active forum that deals a lot in web design, Photoshop art and the more Spoono/Absolute Cross type of topics. Graphic Design Forum | This is a diverse crowd, but many experienced freelancers and design professionals hang here, and lots of positive business advice and honest critique can be gleaned from its members.

Prepress Forums | As the name suggests, this site caters to PrePress professionals. Web design has no place here, but its great to read prepress gurus bitch about clients using Microsoft Word.

MacNN Forums | Everything Mac and then some, it has a great section for both print designers and web designers. A little slow as far as forums go, but populated with an intelligent and helpful crowd.

My favorite article sites:

Digital Web Magazine | One of the best, this site is continually updated with excellent articles dealing with web design in general. Some recent favorites include “Keep CSS Simple” and “User Interface Design for Web Applications.”

A List Apart | Probably read by 99% of graphicPUSH’s audience, so no need to dwell on it too much. Founded by Zeldman and still the creamy delicious center of standards-centric sites after years of publishing.

Creative Latitude | A collective of sorts, but the site and its members publish articles dealing with the business of design. Some of them, such as “Ilise Benun’s Mercifully Short Marketing Tips,” are stuffed full of nuggets of wisdom. Recommended.

Boxes and Arrows | A favorite among web designers, but I find their articles to be long-winded and obtusely scientific. Big words don’t always indicate big ideas.