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Microsoft Edge Branding

A brief thought on the miss that is Microsoft Edge branding.

Microsoft’s new browser is called Microsoft Edge. It uses a derivative name, derivative logo, and derivative visual identity to Microsoft Internet Explorer, a lead candidate when ranking the world’s most pervasive, entrenched and vilified software.

Originally, this post was a scathing review of the new identity. But somewhere between describing the name as “shockingly inauthentic” and the icon as “flaccid”, I lost heart. Little productive is born from hyperbolic ranting.

Taking a step back, I’ll try to structure my frustration.

In the past five years, Microsoft has shown compelling glimpses of innovation. Big ideas bubble up: the Metro design standard, Kinect, Surface. Here, we have a product engineered free from the technical baggage of its rightfully lampooned ancestor — but then promptly saddled with an emasculated identity that ties it right back to the 20 years of legacy problems from which it finally escaped. A spike of ingenuity, promptly sanded down by bureaucratic comfort zones and marketing over-think. It’s painfully Microsoft.

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wrote the following on Sunday June 7, 2015

The name “Edge” is alright, though I would’ve preferred “Spartan”. But the logo has fail written all over it. I guess MS were trying to be different from the IE logo, yet slightly similar. Different, not too different. But in doing so, they have ended up with a logo that looks out of place — it reminds people of everything that IE was, including every reason why they switched to Chrome or Firefox in the first place.

VSI web design

wrote the following on Tuesday July 14, 2015

I can’t help but think “Sonic the hedgehog” when I see the new Edge logo. It looks dated even though it hasnt been released. I agree with Sufyan that “Spartan” would have enabled MS to have a fresh start and not a continuation from the past.