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My Fantasy Football Team

In which I graduate from couch-ridden football junky to official pigskin nerd. My team is here and it doesn’t suck. Shaun Alexander leads the offensive charge while Carolina mops the floor with other team’s quarterbacks.

It’s official. My football junkiness has gone beyond the eight-hour couch session every Sunday to certified NFL nerdiness. I now have a fantasy football team, hosted through Yahoo’s system (it’s free) and competing against nine co-workers, some with far more experience.

My team The Furry Tractors (an Anchorman reference for those with the confused look on their faces) scored some minor beginner’s luck with drawing first pick in Yahoo’s randomization. Here’s my roster:

  1. S. Alexander (RB)
  2. J. Delhomme (QB)
  3. C. Johnson (WR)
  4. C. Dillon (RB)
  5. Carolina (DEF)
  6. D. McAllister (RB)
  7. D. Branch (WR)
  8. J. Feely (K)
  9. D. Brees (QB)
  10. B. Watson (TE)
  11. B. Stokley (WR)
  12. A. Toomer (WR)
  13. D. Aker (K)
  14. San Diego (DEF)
  15. J. Klopfenstein (TE)

Draft Notes

  1. Of course I had to pick Shaun Alexander. He’s a superstar and with the Seahawks largely intact, should still score major pointage. It was between him and Larry Johnson — also a superstar — but I went with my gut. (In fact, I ended up not picking a single player from my home team, the Chiefs.)
  2. Delhomme is good. He has two very important weapons: Steve Smith and his front line.
  3. Though not a big fan of Chad personally, he and Carson Palmer have good chemistry. Not quite 2004 McNabb/TO or Montana/Rice, but it’s close.
  4. Dillon’s good. I like him and his game. A solid #2 back.
  5. Yes, Chicago has the best defense, but I think Carolina plays angrier. Chicago says “hey let’s go out and stop them” while Carolina says “hey let’s go out and kill them.”
  6. Questioning my wisdom on this one. While Deuce McAllister has performed well, Reggie Bush is going to steal his sunshine.
  7. Lot’s of questions about Deion Branch right now, but no matter where he lands, he’s going to perform. He’s the kind of player that makes a difference no matter what jersey he’s wearing.
  8. Needed a kicker. I loathe the Giants, but Feely is good. Maybe not in every clutch situation, but on the whole, a solid kicker.
  9. Brees. San Diego was nuts to let him go, and I think he’s going to do well in New Orleans if he hangs around through the rebuilding process.
  10. Watson. One of Brady’s favorite targets, he has great hands and gets the job done in the post-season.
  11. Stokley. One of Manning’s favorite receivers. Can’t believe I scored him this late in the draft. Very undervalued.
  12. Amani Toomer. Eh, a Giant, but still good. His performance will depend solely on Eli’s performance.
  13. David Akers. A kicker with true heart, I will probably start him more than Feely, if only because he’s on my NFC team of choice.
  14. Needed a backup defense. San Diego seemed reasonable.
  15. Who?

I will keep you updated as the season progresses. I’m pretty happy with my team as a whole, so I expect to at least compete. I know there’s a bunch of other design bloggers out there playing fantasy football, so let me know what you think of a first-time player’s roster.


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wrote the following on Sunday September 3, 2006

Gauntlet thrown down? Gauntlet picked up. Good luck during this season. You’ll need it.


wrote the following on Monday September 4, 2006

Please allow me to weigh in with my suggestions:
1. Get rid of your backup K, and get another WR or RB
2. Ditto for your backup Def
3. Handcuff Dillon by picking up Maroney


wrote the following on Friday September 8, 2006

Get rid of Feely and the Chargers D. I would also dump Brees (Delhomme’s bye week sees Brees on the road in Tampa – surely there is a better bye week coverage QB than that available, maybe Chris Simms in that same game?). Love Watson, Akers, and the Panthers D. I agree with the need to secure Maroney to backup Dillon. You need some WR help, bigtime. I do not know how many you must start each week, but if it is more than 1 – you will be hurting in the WR battle each week. If you make all the cuts suggested, use those rosters spots to pick up some WR depth. Greg Jennings in GB, Jurevicious in CLE, Caldwell in NE…there has to be some quality available at the deepest football position. Best of luck this year. I hope you enjoy your first FF season!


wrote the following on Saturday September 9, 2006

Jeff and Chris —
Much thanks. I appreciate the advice; I just assumed you needed a good backup D. (Jurevicious is taken by the way; he was on my want list. He showed real skill in Seattle last year.)

Jeff, I love your blog. I registered the URL to create a football site but have zero time to do anything so fun.


wrote the following on Tuesday October 3, 2006

I agree w/some of the things the above have said. I think you need WR help. Jennings would be a great pick. So would Cotchery of the jets. There is this Maurice Drew-Jones in Jax the has been gangbusters the last couple of weeks. Also Berrian from the Bears. Get Grossman if you can. I was able to pick him up last week in my yahoo league (needed a backup to Mcnabb. I wouldn’t get rid of the backups until the bye week of your stronger players have passed. As for your kickers. Cut Feely. pu Rayner from GB. Sure he’s a rook but he can hit the long ones if distance matters in your league. We need more info like number of teams, how many players you need to start at each position.


wrote the following on Tuesday October 3, 2006

Manocad — believe it or not, I have dumped Feely and picked up both Jennings and Maurice Drew-Jones who earned me both 4.3 and 8.8 points, respectively. I think Jennings is going to do some good stuff with Favre, but I wasn’t expecting much against the Eagles. I have also dropped Akers for Rayner; I like Akers a lot, but Philly is a touchdown team and rarely settle for field goals.