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Now Available: Web Design and Marketing Solutions For Business Websites

The book that has been a year in the making is now available. Unlike other books focused on just web design, WBAMSFBW delves into the total business website, from accessibility to advertising, and from homepage design to copyrighting a site.

Web Design and Marketing Solutions For Business Websites, also known as the book “with the numbingly long title,” is hot off the presses and ready for purchase. Published by Friends of Ed, this sweet little 400-page ditty is aimed to hit designers, marketers and small businesses with some serious web marketing knowledge.

This book is not just about web design, nor is it just about web development, content, or technology. Yes it covers some design elements, goes into accessibility and usability, and even has a CSS example or two, but its core focus is on the total package — that is, how a website serves the business to achieve deliberate, tangible goals.

This is the guidebook on how to build an online presence that is a key marketing tool for the organization, not just a digital brochure. In an effort to tackle the website as a holistic marketing medium, the book explores all of the following topics:

  • Content
  • Architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Navigation
  • Core content (about, products, services, blog, etc.)
  • Customer support
  • Testimonials, case studies, and other third-party validation
  • Legalese (copyright, terms of use, etc.)
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Advertising

The common thread throughout the text is building a website that not only brings in traffic, but drives those visitors toward marketing and sales goal conversions. In the end, the final website is worth far more than the sum of the individual parts listed above.

There are plenty of books about HTML and CSS, accessibility, usability, SEO, and online marketing, but none (as far as I know) that tie everything together. Understanding the marketing aspect of websites is a critical component to better design and content writing, and this book is written for everyone involved in a web design project, including:

  • Freelance designers and developers
  • In-house design teams
  • Content developers
  • Marketing executives and program managers
  • Project managers
  • Small business owners

Web Design and Marketing Solutions For Business Websites is available now. Hard copies can be ordered from Amazon and others. You can read the official description and also download a chapter from the FoE site.

UPDATE: If you are interested, please contact me with your name and where you intend to publish the review. Thanks.

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wrote the following on Saturday September 1, 2007

Interesting. Thanks for posting.


wrote the following on Wednesday September 5, 2007

Just a note. Love the cover. Nice.

Brian Warren

wrote the following on Thursday September 6, 2007

Hey Kevin, congrats on the book “going live” as we say. I had no idea it was for sale yet until a book got delivered. Ha!


wrote the following on Monday September 10, 2007

Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. As for the cover, I did not design it, but gave ample direction. Since the text compares web design to architecture in several references, I thought it might be a nice visual.


wrote the following on Monday September 10, 2007

man oh man, i just received the book today…slober..drool…slober