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Opera Spanks

Some browser speed tests, and Opera is on top. Not a surprise for those that use it.

While I would usually post this in the Externals links on the right, this was too good to pass up. I usually don’t care about advertising my browser of choice (Opera) because I feel browsers (Opera) are fairly subjective pieces of software (Opera) and everyone has their brand loyalty.

Anyway, here are some browser speed tests. Wow. Who’s that browser on the top of the charts? Who’s that little Norwegian company that just rocked your open source project? Who’s that browser that gets no press because everyone thinks Firefox is the greatest thing since Bill Gates’ pie in the face?

That’s right, Opera. Speed spanking its way to those in the know since before your Firebird or Firefox or Firetruck whatever browser was even a glint in the eye of a disenchanted Netscape user.

Thanks to Mezzoblue for the link.

commentary + criticism

Jimmy / xENo

wrote the following on Monday February 21, 2005

I tried opera about 2 years ago. Unfortunately it was clunky and rendered pages like crap. Not to mention the ad along the top on the freeware version. I’m assuming they’ve fixed the first two problems….

As browser developers, they’ve got to find a way to make opera free. It’s their only chance to become competetive. I’m not a cheapskate or anything of that nature, I’m just speaking in general terms of the market. You can’t compete with 2 free products, even if your product is better.

Jonathan Fenocchi

wrote the following on Monday February 21, 2005

I have Opera 7.53 and Firefox 1.0. The speed difference is almost unnoticable, except for when Opera caches it. But Opera caches EVERYTHING (you might as well download and save every page you visit – also, forums suck because you have to refresh about five times before anything updates). Plus, the extensibility and easy of use in Firefox is just totally amazing. Opera’s menu is clumsy, and when I open a site in the address bar, it reminds me of AOL – there are so many menubars and sidebars and windows… I go crazy. It’s like having an 8-column layout or something. Anyway, that’s just my take on it. It’s a better browser than IE, but if you want to compare features, Firefox will beat any other browser out there. I live by it. ;^)

Sebastian Schmieg

wrote the following on Monday February 21, 2005

I think this is good news because Opera has become a really good browser and people should be aware of that.

What I find the best thing about Opera is its BUILT-IN (no extension!) functionality to render pages without stylesheets applied. I’m using this a lot when marking-up XHTML.

However I’m a happy Firefox user and can’t imagine making the switch soon. Coming from IE it took me weeks to get used to FF and it would be the same hassle when switching to Opera.

Another thing I don’t like about Opera is its inability to show sIFR-headlines with transparent background. Makes my page look bad.


wrote the following on Tuesday February 22, 2005

Alas I can’t use it anymore – since it doesn’t do NTLM authentication it won’t go through the work firewall, rendering it completely useless. BAH! :-(


wrote the following on Tuesday February 22, 2005

Sebastian—I use Opera and your site looks fine. Not sure what you mean, because it renders perfectly every other site I go to with sIFR.

As far as the caching goes, that is a feature I love. If I go through 100 pages in one window, I can click back and forth instantly with no download time whatsoever. When you’re jumping around sites like Wikipedia, this is useful.

And for me, on all my machines, Firefox is a bear. It constantly hangs on page renders—even internally served pages where bandwidth is a non-issue. And when I mean hang, it just sits there for ten or twenty seconds before rendering. Not even IE has that kind of problem. Opera is near instant, every time for any site.

I applaud anyone using Firefox; moving beyond IE will only make this a better internet. I just choose to use a more robust program with features built in instead of available through extensions.


wrote the following on Wednesday February 23, 2005

I used Opera back in the days of old, perhaps I will try it out again. I am an avid fan of Firefox and I doubt anything could change that (I am far too familiar, I have a lot of plugins I couldn’t live without and I need the calendar), but it’s always good to keep an open mind on such things.