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Performance Discussion Follow-up

A follow-up to my session as KC WordCamp with lots of links and two critical pieces of information published at the same time my session was occurring.

A lot of web nerds in Kansas City spent this past weekend at the first ever KC WordCamp, and a lucky 80 or so made it to my session on performance. The members of the audience were great — patient, attentive, curious — everything a nervous speaker could hope for. Thank you!

A quick recap …

For those that bore witness to my soapboxing, you can find links to everything I discussed as well as the slides as reference material. The slides aren’t worth much as the actual content is thin, but you get the idea. I’ve also been told that the WordCamp crew will be posting videos of the sessions, and if that happens, I’ll post a link in this space.

Also, as a follow-up, two really important and relevant things have been published almost (literally) at the same time I was giving my talk:

  1. ReadWriteHack highlighted a very eye-opening piece of research on the drag the front end causes to website performance. Traditional research from Steve Souders at Yahoo! showed that 80% of a web page’s load time was from the front end. These were the numbers I referenced in my session. But 97% of Mobile Web Response Time Is On the Front-End ups the ante even more — according to Strangeloop, the front end is responsible for 85% of lag time on a wired connection and 97% on mobile devices. Amazing.
  2. Stoyan Stefanov has published the first version of a completely free and open source book on website performance called Book of Speed. It’s already an amazing resource, but chapters can be versioned and submitted for improving the text. Again, amazing stuff.

That’s all. I hope to present again on this material in the future as the landscape changes almost daily.

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