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While this site continues to plod along with infrequent content, I have spilled some words on the other domains just so you can all get your Kevin Potts fix. Yes, I am scratching my need to write. No, I am not writing another book. OR AM I?

I just wanted to bring some awareness to shamelessly pimp some of my recent writing outside of this site, since I just know it will be of interest to my five or six faithful readers (god bless you).

The first is an article on A List Apart titled The Details That Matter, which is a brief foray into what makes good designers great. The theme — there is no magic bullet. Success is measured by excelling at all of the little details that go beyond design, from intelligent question asking to reading the content. I am pleased with the positive feedback this garnered. It seems I am not alone in my thoughts.

The second is related to design career development. Creative Cohort is a new website for and about creative directors — what it takes to be one, how we think, the challenges, the terror and the adrenaline. I was kindly asked to contribute, and my first article is up there now, Does a Four-Year Degree Matter. It’s a bit of a controversial topic, for sure, but that’s how I roll. Please comment over there if you think my position is idiotic. I will be adding future content soon, but add this sucker to your feed reader because it’s going to be a great ride.

Finally, a bit for all you Textpattern nerds. Section and Article Navigation With TXP is a tragically titled bit on TXP Tips that explores how to use the new tag parser in 4.0.7 to achieve completely dynamic menus without plugins. It’s a bit long, but totally sweet. I guarantee a moment of TXP Zen when you’re done.

And if you’re really bored, you can always read the feedback from this bad boy posted almost a year ago. The perspectives from the crowd are interesting. At this time, over 160 people have felt the need to yell about it. I bet Sitepoint didn’t expect my little post to garner over 13,000 unique views and 25,000 words in feedback since its inception. And for the record, I stand by every damn word.

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commentary + criticism


wrote the following on Friday February 13, 2009

oh,you still stand every damn word about ur 99design article?

some idiots never learn.

By the way, your article at alistapart is really good. Thanks a lot.


wrote the following on Wednesday August 11, 2010

@Bliss this is a really really good article!