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Review Copies of WDAMSFBW

If you are interested in reviewing one of the greatest books of all time, let me know.

For those who run blogs, online magazines, glossy monthlies, annual books, e-mail newsletters, church quarterlies, and weekly grocery store circulars, I have just a few review copies of my book available. Sending a copy implies responsibility toward writing about it; this is not a freebie. I do not demand a positive review, but I must ask for some type of press.

This 400-page book is the Cambell’s Chunky Soup of web design and marketing books — every page contains hearty chunks of advice and best practices on building a business website, from planning the architecture to implementing a 404 page to getting the name out there in search engines. It reads like a meal and fills you up right.

Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites is not written exclusively for developers. In fact, code examples are few and far between. Rather, it’s targeted toward small businesses, website owners, design agencies, and other entities whose daily life revolves around the construction and promotion of a corporate domain. For designers looking to understand the bigger picture of the website, it is a great read. I use lots of big words and even have a few clever illustrations.

If interested in a copy to pimp, contact me.

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