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We recently purchased the Sirius satellite radio system, and it’s just as good as everyone says. No commercials, every NFL game and some guy named Howard make this Christmas money well spent.

So for Christmas, the wife and I decided to splurge a bit and buy Sirius, the satellite radio system that competes with XM Radio. A lot of people recommended both systems, but in the end, we chose Sirius for two mission-critical reasons:

  • Howard Stern
  • the NFL

Overall, I am very impressed with the system. Setup was a snap, and registering over the phone only took a few minutes. My only gripe is the tempermental performance of the actual satellite connection, but of course we live in the Midwest and Sirius recommends we place the receiver on the roof. Yeah right. I can barely patch a hole in the wall, and you want me to run cables through the walls and out of my house? Suffice to say, the receiver is just sitting by the window in our kitchen.

Sirius has plenty of good content. Every NFL game (plus the NHL, college football and other sports) is broadcast from both teams radio crews, so you can choose your announcer’s bias. There’s plenty of music channels, NPR, liberal talk, conservative talk and trucker talk (not kidding).

My wife says Howard is the best he’s ever been since moving to Sirius, and she’s a lifelong fan, so I’ll take her word for it. The FCC nazis have not wrangled the life out of satellite radio yet, so the language is just a bit more liberal. That and George Takei is funnier than he ever was wearing that velour StarTrek tunic.

I guess traditional radio still has its place (weather, traffic, etc), but once you get hooked on no-commercial, non-censored content (think HBO), it’s really hard to go back to the traditional airwaves.

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wrote the following on Friday January 13, 2006

I don’t own a sirius subscription, though it does come with our Dish Network.

However, I have been invested in the stock for about 3 years now and recently sold my stock to place a down playment on our new home.

I have since gone back in and bought some more shares with the Stern anticipation.

I plan on holding for a long time, so I hope it pays off.

Justin S

wrote the following on Tuesday January 17, 2006

I have sirius and wouldnt go back for anything.

Long live Howard


wrote the following on Wednesday January 18, 2006

I also bought Sirius service and have had the signal disruption daily. Howard Stern is the reason I bought the service and I have XM in my car and Sirius in my home. I was told recently from customer service they are looking at a way to stream Howard 100 and 101 over the Internet and to stay tuned. I hope they just create a podcast RSS feed of his daily shows and that way subscribers can take the content anywhere.


wrote the following on Wednesday January 18, 2006

Customer service told us the same thing about streaming Howard over the internet, but I guess they would have to be very careful about not giving the content away for free. He is, after all, the crown jewel. A move to be podcasts would be very progressive; maybe too progressive for a big company whose foundation is exclusive content.


wrote the following on Wednesday January 25, 2006

Great blog.