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The Communist Approach

Not sure if everyone else is experiencing a sudden upturn in work, but 2008 has started off with a bang and I am having to turn away work. Thus, I am looking for a network of qualified individuals to keep as referrals for overflow.

In one of the few rare moments I was able to tend to my Bloglines feeds, one post from Greg Storey caught my eye. In his aptly titled “Help”, he begins:

I’ve been thinking of the best way to summarize this year, not just for myself but everyone I know in the industry. After much consideration one word will do nicely: Slammed.

He then goes on to lament the fact that it’s difficult to find really solid talent in this industry (which is true) and that we need some sort of curriculum we trust to instruct web developers in best practices (which is even more true). But whatever. The point remains: 2007 was the year of work for him, and 2008 is rapidly becoming the year of work for me.

I am now at absolute critical mass. Overflowing. If I were a cartoon, the little needle would be steaming and puffing deep into the red. If I were in Spaceballs, I’d be traveling at Ludicrous Speed. I am receiving several blind inquiries a week, which is not a lot, I am sure, by comparison to others, but it’s a lot for me.

I don’t really like turning people away with a cold “I’m too busy.” So I need some people who are seeking work. I have no intention of farming this stuff out and trying to scrape a project management fee; I simply want to distribute this work wholesale and let whoever run with the project completely, without my involvement.

If you are a talented designer and/or web standards-conscious developer and are looking for some additional freelance work, contact me with your info (name, location, skillz, portfolio) to get on my list. I know in an election year this type of Marxist, people-first manifesto might be unpopular, but if you’re hungry for work, I might be able to hook you up with something.

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