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The Itch and the Hibernation

After three years of writing, graphicpush is going on a small holiday. There needs to be time to rejuvenate, redesign, realign and relaunch.

Again, life eclipses my available writing time.

The Itch

At first it’s a dim yellow naggy thing in the back of your brain, then it grows like a time-lapsed pearl, scratching, irritating, a tiny kernel of an idea being slowly refined until a glistening new jewel is spat out into the design world. The ideas are there, the desire is there, but the free time is not. A redesign is coming, but not immediately.

The Hibernation

Which brings me to my next point. I am currently writing two books on design for Friends of Ed, and have a new baby girl in my life. I have been slowly reducing the amount of things that distract from those two things, and, as much as I hate admitting so, has fallen into the “just don’t have time” category.

This is not an end, merely the beginning of a new phase of the site. When it relaunches, it will be realigned to my interests and to better serve the design community. There are a lot of things I want GP to accomplish, and the current incarnation simply does not allow me to branch out in the directions I want.

We can rebuild it. Bigger, faster, stronger and maybe with some new colors to boot. I look forward to seeing you all in a few months.

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wrote the following on Wednesday November 29, 2006

Ah, what a pity! Although I thoroughly understand, I will miss your often useful tips and design/business morsels. I have bought one or the other books (and decided against others) based on your recommendation.

Don’t stay away too long!


wrote the following on Wednesday November 29, 2006

Your presence, wisdom and overall benevolence in the design blogging community will be missed. Who will we turn to?

Sanjay Kumar

wrote the following on Wednesday November 29, 2006

Do you have plans for your break? Ie., are you starting another venture? :)

Had to ask…


wrote the following on Thursday November 30, 2006

Nice site and a good looking blog. I like it.

Les Reynolds

wrote the following on Friday December 8, 2006

Oh no! I guess I will have to take this time to read all of the posts from before I found the place. I’ve flipped through a time or two, and it looks like more great stuff. Enjoy the break.


wrote the following on Thursday March 8, 2007

are you ever coming back?


wrote the following on Saturday April 7, 2007

Yes, I am coming back. Momentarily.

Trip Trap

wrote the following on Saturday June 16, 2007

Great style, i like your colors nice dark blue. Keep going on. greets


wrote the following on Saturday June 30, 2007

Nice site and a good looking blog. I like it.


wrote the following on Thursday August 9, 2007

Everybody needs sometimes a break :) do you have some plans for this break ? btw. good site !


wrote the following on Monday September 3, 2007

I can completely understand your feelings on the matter of never having time to do anything anymore and having to spread your time and yourself too thin over so many projects. It’s good that you’re still having ideas though, and especially good that those ideas are itching in the back of your mind. Usually people get so caught up in the things that they have to do that they forget about the things that really make them happy that they want to take up their time. Congrats on the baby girl, btw. That’s exciting. What new things have you got in the works for the upcoming months? What about those design books? Are they available to the rest of us and if so, where can we get them? What are some of the principles you are including in your books that we can look forward to reading about in the near future?

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wrote the following on Monday January 14, 2008

I perfectly understand how you feel. Sometimes you just have it all inside your brain and will forever stay there because you don’t have all the resources to materialize it – time constraint, lack of skilled partners/workers, short of funds, etc. But soon enough, if you just believe that everything will push through, everything will be completed.