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Things I Learned This Week

Things I learned this week in web development land: Google and Twitter fall short on SSL support, CSS3 animations are meh on iOS, browser support for HTML5 audio blows, and there’s a jQuery plugin that takes all the pain out of parsing JSON data.

In things that are too long for Twitter but too short for a full-blown blog entry, I present to you the following bits of nonsense and knowledge that have crossed my desk this week.

Twitter’s SSL is B0rked

This is probably a well-documented issue, but I discovered that if you’re adding Twitter’s native Tweet button, the call to widget.js does not work with an SSL connection. In fact, the error is a nasty one: uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate is only valid for the following names: , *
(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

Lame, Twitter. Combined with the consistency and ecosystem opportunities bullshit they dropped this week, they’re now on my naughty list.

Google Font API Also Has SSL Issues

On a related SSL note, Google’s fonts API does not work when multiple fonts are called in the URL using an https:// connection. Google is typically very good at supplying secure versions of their files, so this was a bit annoying. Example:|Droid+Sans:regular,bold|Droid+Serif:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic

This fails. Instead, you have to call three files discreetly:,italic,bold,bolditalic,bold

Not a big deal, but something to watch for.

Animation on iOS

In building a pure HTML5 app, I can some unscientific tests with animating elements. In short, I found that using jQuery animations like $('foo').fadeOut(); were just as sluggish as pure-CSS3 animations. While some people have suggested running “native” animations uses GPU acceleration, I didn’t see it at all. Anyone else play with this and get different results?

HTML5 Audio Support is Hysterically Tragic

Dominic Szablewski has the write-up, and this guy knows his shit.

JSON is Cake to Parse with this Plugin

In my HTML5 app, I stored a whole bunch of stuff using the local storage API, and a lot of that was JSON data using the stringify function. Since jQuery was my base, the plugin jquery-json makes the output of this data dead simple. Cannot believe I have not found this before. Total fucking gold.

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