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This Was Not a Blog.

OK, maybe it was.

Update: Back in business. Reading further is unnecessary but remains for historical insignificance.

“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing.” — Benjamin Franklin.

“Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.” — G. M. Trevelyan

It would seem, without any fireworks, trumpets or 21 Gun Salute, graphicPUSH is ending its own life. My site has been plagued with technical problems since day one, and my hosting service’s recent decision to not allow forcetype in .htacess files — therefore rendering my entire site dead in the water — was the final nail in my patience’s coffin.

Perhaps for the better. While I have always had a passion for writing, I have grown dissatisfied with what my site has devolved into — a petty, clamoring voice in a sea of unintelligible blogging.

Bad Writing

The original intent of graphicPUSH was to provide a healthy library of articles and tutorials for print and web designers, not be a blog. In the beginning, I launched with six or seven good pieces and wrote a few more through the beginning of 2004. By comparison, I have not written an “article” or anything even close in six months. Because I don’t want to waste your time with self-centered tripe, I struggle to post anything of value on a weekly basis.

For me, the blog format is sloppy and enables (some would say encourages) unpolished, unedited, unresearched writing. In other words, bad writing. While some may enjoy the “spontaneous energy” and “sense of community,” I constantly catch myself wondering why the hell I care about someone else’s trip to SXSW or their new computer or their cat. Then I wonder why people care about my diatribes on equally mind-numbing shit. My guess? They don’t.

I Think, Therefore I Blog

In truth, I am unsatisfied with the whole blog/portfolio format perfected by the likes of Bowman, Shea, Cederholm and countless others. It’s fine for what it is — a journal that sometimes touches on the subject of design — but let’s be honest. Intentionally or not, design blogs serve as personal PR and marketing machines for authors who think their portfolio translates into authority. You know, “I think, therefore I blog.”

The design and web development communities are overflowing with people who want to talk. Talk about design, floats in CSS, obsessively small browser bugs requiring ludicrously complex hacks to circumvent, search engines, Firefox, free fonts and iPod Shuffles. Everyone wants to talk, even if no one is listening. Post after post is thrown at the public with the hope of aggregating a comment or trackback, like an endless street of zealots yelling on soapboxes hoping someone will stop and pay attention. (For some reason, The Life of Brian comes to mind.)

Avoiding the Same

A long time ago I registered the domain for my name and for the last several weeks I have struggled with what I want to become. Right now it is a basic About/Portfolio/Contact site, and it would be incredibly easy to slap Movable Type onto the server and fall into the rank and file of every other design-themed blog. Ugh. No thanks.

I know there is something better, and I know I’m probably not smart enough to figure out what that is. In fact, I would wager large sums of money on the fact it’s already been done by someone using XML, PHP and SOSPA.

graphicPUSH has allowed me to write about design, but I have not shown my readers who I am, only that I can bullshit my way through a post about browsers and CSS. On this site, I have no identity. I feel the time has come to concentrate my efforts into one URL. That being said, as soon as this site moves to a new host, I will bring all the content back online to avoid linkrot. Eventually, somewhere down the road, the whole site will redirect to somewhere else.

At this time, graphicPUSH does not serve any purpose I want to pursue. I don’t want a blog. My love for writing has far deeper roots than my love for design, and a weekly schedule of half-assed raving is doing me and the entire internet community a disservice. Call me a knee-jerk reactionist, an anti-social crybaby, a mediocre designer who is pulling a lame PR maneuver. I don’t care. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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wrote the following on Tuesday April 19, 2005

Thanks for everything you have provided, anyway. I hope the archives will still be available.

Oh, and good luck.