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Three Things Worth Clicking This Week

A new series here for graphicPUSH, “Three Things Worth Clicking This Week” seeks to distill some of the better web content to come down the funnel and deliver it right into your RSS reader. No bad links here kids, just good ol’fashun content.

This is a new series that I hope will continue on a weekly basis. There is a lot of crap on the web, and I am guilty of reading a lot of it, so I am going to try and distill some of the better links and articles so you don’t have to sift through your already too-crowded RSS reader. In fact, you never even have to fire up your web browser until Friday morning.

Time Sheets From Blue Flavor
The guys over at Blue Flavor have discovered what some of us have known a long time: project management software targeted toward graphic designers sucks. The solution? Paper. Dead tree format time sheets are completely resistant to hard drive crashes, easy to duplicate and fit nicely between the screen and the keyboard of your laptop. Blue Flavor have gone one step further and designed a really nice time sheet for your downloading pleasure.

Tron vs. Depeche Mode – Suffer Well
Justin Alt took one of the best songs from Depeche Mode’s new album Playing the Angel and set it to footage from Tron. It’s a mashup in a sense, but the music goes so well with the footage that it’s almost like Jeff Bridges is acting for the song.

You still want meetings. Here’s how to make them useful.
Just a quick note from Signal Vs. Noise on making meetings more useful. This is especially true for you inhouse designers, who understand better than anyone the painfully slow, mind-bendingly droll, blackholes-of-productivity meetings that corporations like to create.

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Great idea. Keep writing that good articles.