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Today I Hate the Internet

Going on vacation for a week or so. Kind of sick of the whole internet thing right now so it’s pretty good timing.

The sheer amount of bottom-feeding scumfuckers pillaging the internet annoys me. And when I say “annoys,” I mean “pisses me off.” And when I say “pisses me off,” I mean “I want to quit this whole ‘internet’ thing and become a park ranger.”

Tonight my daughter received an e-mail from several friends warning her of a possible sexual predator that was skulking around their Xanga and AIM accounts. My daughter gets mad at me because I do not have AIM installed for fear of shit-eating dregs like this. Some might call me an over-protective nanny. I call myself a parent.

What kind of asshat (cheers, Greg!) wakes up in the morning and decides to scan public Xanga accounts—obviously designed for kids to get their blog on—looking to talk dirty to preteens?

Last night I read Chris Wilson’s wonderful post about standards in IE7. His team is doing everything they can to reasonably squash the many display-related bugs before the product ships, but are so entrenched in updating security features that providing a browser that displays correctly is not the first priority.

Instead, he has do deal with the asshats (seriously, Greg, great word) who wake up in the morning and decide they’re going to go phishing, spear phishing, pharming and whatever the phuck else in order to promote their spam sites or aggregate credit card numbers for identity theft.

Every morning I delete 100-200 spam message from my Hotmail account. Every day I complete some transaction online where there is a chance my data will be stolen. Every day I work with clients on optimizing their sites for search engines by legitimate means, only to compete with blackhat search engine hacks that use shady redirects, hidden content, duplicate landing pages and link farms to cheat their way to the top.

Today, I am done. I am going on vacation and will not be back until August 17th. My goal is to sit on the beach with Confessions of an Advertising Man and do nothing. The only thing I plan to plug in is a lamp, or maybe a toaster if I get really inspired.

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Patrick Johnson

wrote the following on Saturday August 6, 2005

Well thats great!(not being sarcastic), ive been meaning to get around to getting on a vacation instead of sitting around designing all the time,hmmmm….

Well I wish you fun….

Chris K

wrote the following on Saturday August 6, 2005

Enjoy your vacation. I read Ogilvy’s book a long time ago and its what motivated me to get into advertising/design.


wrote the following on Sunday August 7, 2005

I can understand your frustration, eventhough im not a parent myself I can see what kinda s*ck f*cks you gotta protect your children against on the internet.

Enjoy your vacation…

Dave Hamilton

wrote the following on Tuesday August 16, 2005

I completely agree with you on all accounts. My nephew want his computer connected to the net. I know you can’t protect your kids all the time but you can with the net. (don’t let them online). Hope you have a good holiday, I’m due for mine in a few weeks, sun and a good book sounds like heaven.