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Two Articles on Translation and Localization

Two new(ish) articles up on Content Strategy Forum. Translation and localization for the win.

Worth noting, albeit criminally late, is that I’ve published two articles on Content Strategy Forum about translation and localization.

Google Translate is only as dumb as you allow it

Google Translate is a modern miracle of removing communication barriers. But it’s only as good as the content that’s put into it, which means that you need to write clean.

Leap the uncanny valley of language

When managing translation for your team’s content, it’s imperative to guard against cultural and dialectal fault lines that compound the difficulty of localisation. Using native speakers and native reviewers will mitigate awkward misses in meaning and shift the focus from translating words to translating meaning.

If you’re into content strategy, CSF is a great resource with a frequently updated Google+ page.

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