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What I Could Have Been Doing

I could have been home watching football, or driving around doing errands. Maybe at the grocery store, where I always seem to need to be. Or obsessing over fantasy football stats. Or tweeting on Twitter about football or how I should be at the grocery store.

I could have been working on my company’s upcoming website, which is less than two weeks away from launch and needs hundreds of hours of work yet. Or maybe doing freelance work, trying to make numbers work after our move across the country. This is where I live, after all, hunched over a laptop, hammering keys, yawning against a screen of code and Photoshop palettes, trying to master the alchemy of code to emotion.

Or maybe on a run, fighting the mid-30s gut slump. Or maybe making some dessert for dinner at the in-laws, since I haven’t brought shit in the last four visits and they secretly hate me for it. I could have been writing on this website. Or maybe slouched into my phone reading some dumb thing someone mentioned that won’t matter tomorrow, trying desperately to stay in a race of media too expansive to ever grasp and too ephemeral to ever remember.

Instead, we were doing this.

Walking in the park

Yes, that is a sword my daughter is carrying. Obviously.

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commentary + criticism

Nate Klaiber

wrote the following on Thursday September 20, 2012

Great reminder. Keep doing this. This is what really matters


wrote the following on Thursday September 20, 2012

Something tells me you don’t regret your decision one bit. I wouldn’t, either. :)


wrote the following on Friday October 12, 2012

Add a couple dogs and you have it made. It doesn’t get better.


wrote the following on Sunday November 11, 2012

The time we spend with our family, especially children, is what really matters!

Adam Bate

wrote the following on Wednesday November 28, 2012

I love disconnecting from tech for a while and just enjoying the world around us. It’s crazy what we miss every day in the hustle.